Photostory #391: ISIS -- International Satellites for Ionospheric Studies: Canada's Future Space Probes Taking Shape

S. Yool , D. Welland , Ted Grant , Chris Lund
National Film Board of Canada
Date de diffusion
juin 1, 1965
CMCP fonds
Référence de source
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography fonds, National Gallery of Canada Library and Archives
Texte principal
As Canada's first scientific satellite - Alouette I - approaches its third birthday in orbit the nation's growing space industry is preparing a follow-up series of highly-sophisticated upper-atmosphere probes. Continuing to relay daily vital information about the earth's mysterious ionosphere, Alouette I, is living out its vigorous working life almost exactly as predicted back in 1962. With Alouette B (a refined version of its successful predecessor) ready for launching later this year, the first of Canada's new ISIS space-craft is being built. One of three to be orbited before the end of the decade, ISIS A will play a large part in Canada's extensive scientific inquiry into the physical phenomena between mankind's earthly environment and the void of other worlds.